DAHL Five Duets
IVEY Prospero
KINGMAN String Quartet #2 "Joyful"
Mitchell Lurie and Christa Lundquist, Clarinetists
CTC-1005 $6.00

DIAMOND Quintet for Clarinet, Two Violas, and Two Cellos
HARRIS Concerto for Clarinet, Piano, & Str. Quartet
Lawrence Sobol, Clarinetist
CTC-1002 $6.00

HEIDEN Sonatina
LUENING Fantasio Brevis
RUSSO Sonata No. 3
John Russo, Clarinetist
CTC-1003 $6.00

MENDELSSOHN Concert. Piece Mo. 1, Op. 113 with the Towson State University Clarinet Choir
MYERS Cadenza and Lament with the Towson State University Concert Band
Edward Palanker and Victor Tacchetti, Clarinetists
CTC-1004 $6.00